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4 pole electric vehicle HVIL connector with 90° bent socket
4 pole high voltage plastic connector
4 pole HVIL connector
4 pole electric vehicle HVIL connector with 90° bent socket
4 pole high voltage plastic connector
4 pole HVIL connector

GC-DXC1 4 Pole Automotive Electrical HVIL Connector

The 4 pole HVIL connector provides a reliable, high quality and low current connection between EV high voltage components. The connector is rated at 1000 VDC and 20A-40A continuous current. The connectors have excellent flame retardant properties, designed to be used in applications such as DC+/-, electric defroster, fans, air conditioners, PTC etc.. The high voltage connector has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +140°C with a mating cycle life (number of mated cycles) of 100 cycles.
Temp Range :
-40℃~ +140℃
Rated current :
20A, 32A, 40A
Rated Voltage :
Sealing Class :
IP68 IP69K
4 Pole EV High Voltage Interlock Connectors Details
The design of the high voltage electrical connectors is reliable, compact and light. It has a good heat dissipation effect, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the connection point to ensure the reliability of the connection. The number of poles is 4 and the cross section of wire is 2.5mm2; 4mm2; 6mm2. The temperature range of the product is -40℃~ +140℃.
The 4 pole high voltage plastic connector is usually used in high-voltage power distribution boxes (DC+/-, electric defrost, fans, air conditioners, PTC, etc.), as well as power supply connections for low-power equipment surrounding inverter in HEVs and EVs.
4 pole connectors
Top Picks of GC-DXC1 4 POS 20A-40A High Voltage Interlock Connector
The GC-DXC1 series has the following features:

1) Light Weight 4 POS EV Connector

The plastic connector has the advantages of light weight, small size and easy installation. The plastic connector has good insulation resistance, improving safety and stability of GC-DXC1 high-voltage connectors. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures and can be used in various environments without any problems.

2) The interlocking low-current plastic connector is applicable to a variety of high voltage wires and cables with conductor cross section between 2.5mm² and 6mm²; The design of this connector can effectively ensure current flow performance and protect cables/wires from being broken down due to overload or overheat;

3) Connector Position Assurance (CPA)

CPA is a feature that provides added assurance that the connector will stay in place. Its function is to strengthen the connector locking mechanism and ensure that the sheath is locked and does not come off. The CPA feature is available on all Guchen HV connectors.

4) Terminal Position Assurance (TPA)

TPA is a safety feature added to the design of the connector. The TPA feature ensures that the terminal is installed in place, and provides locking force to the terminal.

5) Copper Alloy Shielding

The shielding function of the 4 pole automotive electrical connector is to protect against electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation in order to ensure that the electric current is not affected by external interference.

6) IP68, IP69K Waterproof

The 4 pole connectors are designed to withstand harsh environments and are fully compliant with IP68 / IP69K standards. This means that they are waterproof, dustproof and protected against damage caused by falling drops of water from any angle.

7) It has been widely applied in the field of electric power distribution system in automobile industry, such as electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.
Description Item No. GC-DXC1
Electrical Performance Rated voltage 1000V
Withstand voltage 4000V
Rated current 20A, 32A, 40A
Insulation resistance 5000MΩ
Mechanical Properties Pole 4 Pos
Mating cycles >100 Times
Cross sections 2.5mm²/4mm²/6mm²
Vibration class acc. To USCARV2
Raw Material Shell Nylon
Shielding Copper alloy
Insulator Nylon
Sealing Rubber material
Environmental Performance Operating temperature -40℃~140℃
Protection Grade IP68 IP6K9K
Salt Spray 96h

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