6mm HV connector for energy storage system
GCS1 6mm 100A-120A Battery Pole Connector

Model : GCS1 6mm
Conductor cross-section : 16mm², 25mm²
Rated current : 100A, 120A
Rated voltage : 600V
Insulation resistance : 5000MΩ

8mm energy storage connectors
GCS1 8mm 120A-200A Energy Storage Connector

Model : GCS1 8mm
Conductor cross-section : 25mm², 35mm², 50mm²
Rated current : 120A, 150A, 200A
Rated voltage : 1500V
Insulation resistance : 5000MΩ
Operating temperature : -40℃~125℃

12mm battery connector
GCS1 12mm 250A-350A Battery High Voltage Connector

Model : GCS1 12mm
Conductor cross-section : 70mm², 95mm², 120mm²
Rated current : 250A, 300A, 350A
Rated voltage : 1500V
Insulation resistance : 5000MΩ
Operating temperature : -40℃~125℃

battery bus bar connector
GCS2 300A Battery Copper Bus Bar Connector

Model : GCS2
Rated current : 300A
Rated voltage : 1500V
Protection class : IP65
Operating temperature : -40℃~125℃

High Voltage Battery Energy Storage Connector



The energy storage system connector is an important link between battery modules. It is also a key component for ensuring the safety of the device, increasing its reliability and extending its service life.
There are mainly 2 types of battery module connectors in the market, including:

1) Battery Pole Connector, Front Connection Technology

2) Bus Bar Connector, Rear Connection

battery storage connectors
The most flexible, quick and cost-effective type of BESS connectors is battery-pole connector with quick plug technology. In recent years, the 360° quick-plug connector have been widely applied in renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines because they are easy to use and save time when connecting or disconnecting cables from the modular energy storage system.
battery busbar connector
Copper busbar connectors are made of technologically advanced materials such as silver plated copper contacts, nylon shell, and silicone rubber sealing. They can be used to connect batteries to the system in order to store energy when it is available, and then release it when required by the user. The connectors can also be used to connect multiple batteries together in order to increase their capacity and power output.


BESS connectorIn order to store electricity produced from renewable sources, batteries are commonly used as an alternative way to store electricity from solar panels or wind turbines. In addition, batteries can be used as an alternative way to store electricity from hydroelectric power plants. The main function of a battery energy storage connector is to connect the batteries with the inverter or charge controller.


1) Energy storage connectors must be able to withstand heavy-duty mechanical stresses, such as those caused by vibrations, shocks and impact. They must also be able to operate under extreme temperatures and withstand corrosive environments.
2) Correct positioning of the connectors and contact surfaces prevents short circuits and overloads during installation.
3) Specific mechanical coding for each system allows for quick and safe identification of the connector type.
4) Battery storage connectors should be designed specifically for safe and security purpose and that meet all safety standards and regulations.


Energy storage connectors provide a safe, reliable and efficient connection between energy storage systems and other electrical devices. They are used in home storage system, solar power generation and wind turbines to transfer electricity from the battery to the power grid or vice versa.

To ensure the safety of your BESS, you need to consider everything from your battery type and size to the connection technology used to connect it to the grid.

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