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nitrogen fire protection system for BESS

Fire Protection Solution for Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System

To prevent lithium-ion battery fires from happening, it is important to install a nitrogen fire protection system that can effectively suppress the risks of fire and explosion caused by short circuits, overcharging or electrical arcs. It also be able to prevent battery cell thermal runaway propagation and mitigate a thermal runaway condition.
The Danger of Lithium Battery Fires in Energy Storage System
As the core component of the energy storage system, the lithium battery is the primary factor affecting energy storage safety. Fire is the most common cause of damage to lithium-ion battery energy storage systems. Under various complex working conditions, batteries have potential for sudden combustion and explosion phenomena caused by internal failures or external ignition sources such as overcharge, short circuit, lightning strikes, electrical arcs, extrusion, vibration, collision, etc.. When a fire occurs, the battery pack temperature will rise rapidly and the pressure inside the battery pack becomes higher than atmospheric pressure outside. If there are any leaks in the battery pack during this process, they will become much worse when exposed to high temperatures.
In BESS, a single battery releases a large amount of heat when thermal runaway occurs, and the heat is transferred to adjacent batteries through convection, radiation, conduction, etc. When the temperature of adjacent battery cells reaches the thermal runaway trigger temperature, thermal runaway propagation is induced. This phenomenon can result in significant damage to surrounding equipment and facilities.
Danger of Lithium Battery Fires in Energy Storage System
Protecting BESS Containers from Fire and Explosion Hazards
Fire and explosion hazards are a concern for BESS. To protect against these hazards, operators must ensure that the systems are designed and installed in accordance with applicable standards. In addition, it is necessary to install an appropriate and effective fire protection system to protect the container from fire hazards. One type of such system is a nitrogen fire protection device. This device uses nitrogen gas to suppress fires by displacing oxygen within the container. It provides low-oxygen atmosphere, thus creating a protected area to prevent ignition and avoid gas combustion and lithium battery thermal runaway.
Nitrogen Fire Protection Device Reduces Fire Hazards in BESS
Apply nitrogen to the safety protection of lithium batteries in ESS system. Nitrogen protection can provide a low-oxygen environment for lithium battery packs, reduce the probability of thermal runaway spread to adjacent battery cells/racks, inhibit combustion and re-ignition of lithium batteries, improve safety, and prevent fires and explosion. The nitrogen fire protection system detects the oxygen concentration, nitrogen pressure, temperature, and humidity of the battery storage enclosures where the battery is located, and performs nitrogen filling operations in a timely manner to keep the battery in an environment that is free of combustion and explosion conditions. This device can prepare nitrogen and store nitrogen in advance to ensure the normal operation of nitrogen charging and further provide safety.
The most effective battery fire prevention and protection system for energy systems
Prevent thermal runaway or a fire condition in a BESS, explosion prevention
Modular design, providing fully-customized solutions
24H real-time monitoring
Adopt the latest pressure difference control scheme and continuously optimize the algorithm
Nitrogen Keeps the Lithium Battery Storage Container in a Low-oxygen Environment
High-purity Nitrogen Keeps the Lithium Battery Storage Container in a Low-oxygen and Constant-temperature Environment for a long time
The lithium ion battery is the most popular energy storage device in the world. The most important thing to note about lithium ion batteries is that they need to be kept at a certain temperature and oxygen level to prevent fires. In order to achieve this goal, the battery storage container must be filled with encapsulated inert gas (such as nitrogen). This will keep the temperature constant and prevent fire from occurring due to overheating or overcharging.
High-purity nitrogen can be used as an inert gas that can dilute flammable gases below the lean limit, protect lithium batteries from oxygen and heat damage during storage. Guchen nitrogen fire protection system produces high purity nitrogen by separating air into its components (nitrogen and oxygen) , which has good efficiency and low energy consumption. It also has stable quality performance and can be used for many years without maintenance.
Protection Against Battery Thermal Runaway
A battery thermal runaway has the potential to cause a large explosion and fire. The heat generated by a battery fire can also lead to damage of nearby equipment or other parts of the facility, and even cause further explosions. The risk of thermal runaway can be minimized by using a nitrogen fire protection system in battery energy storage systems (BESS). Nitrogen fire protection systems consist of a tank filled with nitrogen gas, a master controller, a slave controller, pressure sensors, compressed air filter, and an electromagnetic valve. When the valve opens, nitrogen flows into the battery enclosure where it displaces any oxygen from the air, preventing combustion from occurring. The nitrogen then keeps oxygen away from any remaining flammable materials inside the enclosure. In addition to protecting against thermal runaway, these systems also protect batteries against other types of damage caused by high temperatures such as melting insulation and damaging electrical connections.
Wide Application of Guchen Nitrogen Fire Protection System
Lithium Battery Storage Systems
Lithium Battery Storage Systems
Electric Vehicle Industry
Electric Vehicle Industry
Lithium-ion battery based UPS systems
Lithium-ion battery based UPS systems
Custom Nitrogen Fire Protection System
Guchen Fire Protection Services are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. With our experience and expertise, we can provide you with the best solutions for fire protection systems in battery energy storage systems. Our services include: --Installation of a fully customized nitrogen fire protection system & systems maintenance. --Modify the communication protocol according to needs For more information on our nitrogen fire protection services contact us today!
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