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CCS2 DC fast charging socket
CCS2 electric car charging socket
CCS2 DC fast charging socket
CCS2 electric car charging socket

CCS2 EV DC Charging Socket (Vehicle Inlet)

The CCS type 2 electric vehicle charging socket vehicle inlet offers both type 2 AC charging and DC fast charging. It meets TUV/CE certification requirements with 1000V rated voltage. It comes with Anti-straight plug dust cover.
Ambient temperature :
Max Current :
Rated Voltage :
Sealing Class :
IP55 IP44
Introduction of CCS2 EV Charging Socket Inlet
The Combined Charging System(CCS) inlet is an industry-standard vehicle connector for convenient charging of electric vehicles, supporting AC & DC fast charging. The CCS2 is an European standard for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). It is intended to standardize DC fast charging of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
The CCS2 connector has 9 pins, with a type 2 AC charging connector and two DC pins. The socket can be used with both AC and DC chargers as well as with vehicles which support this charging standard. It has been widely accepted by car manufacturers as the standard for charging electric vehicles. The CCS2 EV DC charging socket complies with IEC 62196.3-2022.

This EV charging socket has a maximum rated current of 500 Amps and a rated voltage of up to 1000 Volts. The CCS2 EV Socket inlet is compatible with all Combined Charging System (CCS) enabled vehicles and can be used in conjunction with a portable Level 2 charger.

In addition to CCS2 charging connector, we also offer EV AC charging cables in different lengths and configurations depending on your requirements.
CCS2 EV fast charging socket vehicle inlet
Outstanding Features of CCS2 EV Charging Socket
type 2 connector with 2 DC pins◆ Fully Compatible, AC & DC charging
CCS2 electric car charging socket combines both AC charging and DC fast charging capabilities into a single inlet that can be used with the appropriate equipment. This allows customers to charge their vehicles at home or at public stations without having to worry about whether they have the right cable or not.

◆ With Temperature Sensor, Help Increasing Battery Life Expectancy
The CCS2 DC Charging Socket Inlet has an integrated temperature sensor that protects against overheating during electric vehicle charging cycles. It help maintain the correct charging temperature range. The charge current will be automatically adjusted when the temperature reaches 100℃. When reaching 120℃, a complete shut-down of battery charging occurs.

◆ 80A-500A Sockets Available
Shenzhen Guchen Electronic is now offering 7 CCS2 charging socket models, the current rating from 80A, 125A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 400A to 500A. With a wide range of wire diameters: 16mm², 35mm², 50mm², 70mm², 95mm², 120mm², 140mm².

◆ It is matched with CCS2 plug.

Charging the Future
electric vehicle charging technology
CCS2 EV Charging
CCS2 EV Charging
CCS2 Vehicle Inlet
CCS2 Vehicle Inlet
CCS2 Charging Socket Design
CCS2 Charging Socket Design
CCS2 Charging Connector
CCS2 Charging Connector
Parameters of CCS2 EV Charging Receptacle Connector
    CCS Type 2 Charging Inlet
Electrical Performance Rated voltage DC+/DC-: 1000V DC;
L1/L2/L3/N: 480V AC;
Withstand voltage 3000V AC / 1min. (DC + \ DC- \ PE)
Rated current DC+/DC-: 80A,125A,150A,200A,250A,300A,400A, 500A
L1/L2/L3/N: 32A   
Insulation resistance ≥ 100mΩ 1000V DC (DC + / DC- / PE)
Mechanical Properties Electronic locks 12V / 24V optional
Mating cycles 10,000 times
Wire Diameters 80A/16mm2
Raw Material Shell PA
Insulation part PA
Contact part Copper alloy
Sealing Silicone Rubber
Environmental Performance Ambient temperature -30℃~50℃
Protection Grade IP55(When not mated)   IP44(After mated)
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