Custom OEM & ODM Services
Guchen electronics provides full support from the receipt of customer requirements to R&D, and also customized production and final after-sales service. At Guchen electronics, we will provide you with customized solutions based on our rich experience and expertise.

As for our decisive advantage, we are proud to say the whole process of research and development, technology, production, testing and so on is completed in-house. We have all the production and test equipment to ensure that we can meet your exact requirements at every step.
Customize Your Plan
OEM Process
Guchen can develop independent solutions for you.The products will be manufactured in accordance with the strictest technical standards and conditions. Finally, in our test lab, the product will undergo final inspection and testing .
Your Needs
The first step is to identify your specific requirements for the product, which is the foundation of every successful project. In the following meeting, our technical and account managers will learn about your specific application of the required products, as well as their specifications.
Then work with our R&D engineers, process engineers and quality assurance specialists to develop the perfect solution for your requirements.
From an idea to a preliminary model - our team of about 40 design experts will examine and optimize the technical feasibility of your product.
Our work is based on the latest R&D technical standards, creating raw data models and simulating and analyzing each step
Once the design is approved, the drawings are delivered to our in-house production team, with a portion of the staff involved in the planning and design process from the very beginning.
In this way, we ensure that your products can be produced exactly to your requirements and our designs, which will save you valuable time.
We have more than 20 sets of various kinds of testing equipment and instruments, which can realize the four categories of electrical performance, mechanical performance, environmental performance and failure analysis of products, and carry out nearly 30+ tests, certifications and final manual inspection for each new product.
By communicating with you to determine the specifications of the products, we ensure that each product meets the high standards you have for the products, as well as our high requirements for the production of products.
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Robust Design & Wide Variety
One-Stop Custom EV Connectivity Solutions
High-End OEM/ODM HV Connector Supply
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Robust Design & Wide Variety
One-Stop Custom EV Connectivity Solutions
High-End OEM/ODM HV Connector Supply
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