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shielded silicone rubber hv copper cable
shielded silicone rubber hv copper cable

Shielded High Voltage Silicone Rubber Copper Cable

It provides excellent EMC characteristics for the safe parallel operation of power supply lines. The halogen-free structure protects the insulation material, which means it can be used in extreme operational environments. Ideal for applications such as power transmission, and other high voltage components in electric vehicles such as motor, battery pack, DC-DC etc..
Rated Temp.:
Silicone rubber
Rated Voltage:
Introduction on Shielded High Voltage Silicone Rubber Copper Cable
It is manufactured using cutting edge technology with copper strand as inner conductor and silicone rubber as insulating layer with high frequency, good anti-oxidation, non-volatile and aging.
High voltage silicone rubber copper cable is the specific cable used in the power system of the electric vehicle. The performance index of the resistance segment is consistent with our usual high-quality standards and is reliable in the harsh environment.

More information on Guchen Shielded High Voltage Cable:
Shielded cable is an excellent choice for applications that require superior EMC characteristics. In such applications, it may be essential to achieve the lowest possible noise levels, which are almost always associated with a high level of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The shield prevents the emission of electromagnetic interference and protects the inside conductors from unwanted electromagnetic emissions. Guchen high voltage shielded cables are safe to handle, can be flexed at low temperatures or bent.
shielded silicone rubber high voltage EV cable
Advantages & Specifications:
◆ High electrical insulation at high voltage with excellent resistance to high current and wide temperature range, hazard-free and corrosion resistant.
◆ They are easy to install with the molded in EV connectors. There's no soldering making them inexpensive overall.
◆ Electrically and thermally characterized for high speed and high reliability transmission of Electric Vehicle High Voltage system
◆ The halogen-free structure makes our cable high temperature resistant, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

We can provide shielded and unshielded high voltage cable with different specifications according to your requirements.

Product Specifications:
◆ Voltage rating: AC 600V/DC 900V, AC 1000V/DC 1500V;
◆ Insulation material: Silicone Rubber
◆ Conductor material: Bare Copper/Tinned Copper
◆ Type of shielding: aluminum foil
◆ Outer sheath material: Silicone Rubber or other materials as required by customers
◆ Fire performance: Flames extinguished at 70s,Keep unburned at least 50mm;
◆ Min. bending radius: 5D(OD≤20mm); 6D(OD >20mm)
◆ Short-term aging: 240h, Comply with QC/T 1037;
◆ Long-term aging: 3000h, Comply with QC/T 1037;
◆ Withstand Voltage:1.0kV/30min. Rise to 5.0kV/5min.(600/900v) 1.0kV/30min.Rise to 5.0kV/5min. Continue Rise to 8.0kV ( 1000/1500V);
Construction of Silicone Rubber HV Shielded Copper Cable
flame retardant and self-extinguishing of electric vehicle HV cable
Flame Retardant and Self-Extinguishing
Silicone Rubber High voltage cable with wide wire diamater options
With diameters from 2.5mm2 to 120mm2
HV cable with low smoke zero halogen wire insulation material
Low smoke zero halogen wire insulation material
Copper Conductor with Silicone Rubber Insulated
Technical Parameters
Cable specifications
Conductor resistance max
 (bare copper)
(mΩ/m at.20°C)
Ref. (A) Ref. (mm) Rated voltage
Rated temperature Color
2.5 7.60 30 6.0 600V/900V  1000V/1500V -40℃~ 175℃/200℃ orange
4 4.71 40 6.8
6 3.14 53 8.0
10 1.82 75 9.5
16 1.16 100 11.2
25 0.743 125 13.5
35 0.527 165 14.5
50 0.368 215 17.5
70 0.259 260 19.5
95 0.196 320 21.8
120 0.153 370 24.5
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