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high voltage XLPE-insulated aluminum core cable
high voltage XLPE-insulated aluminum core cable

Shielded High Voltage XLPO/XLPE-Insulated Aluminum Cable

XLPO/XLPE insulated aluminum cables are widely used in high voltage power transmission of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. The weight of aluminum core cables is lighter than that of copper core cables. This makes them easier to install and handle.
Rated Temp.:
Rated Voltage:
Aluminum Alloy
Introduction on Shielded High Voltage Aluminum Conductor Cable
Our shielded high voltage XLPO/XLPE cable, as a kind of heat-resistant aluminum conductor cable, is made of two layers of shield, one layer of XLPE insulation, and aluminum core. It has the advantages of lower cost, good flexibility, light weight and high performance.

Other Features:
Short-term Aging: 240h,Comply with QC/T 1037;
Long-term Aging: 3000h,Comply with QC/T 1037;
Flame Test: Flames extinguished at 70s,Keep unburned at least 50mm;
Withstand voltage: 2.1kV/1min. ( 600/900v ) ,3.5kV/1min.( 1000/1500v ) ;
Oil Resistance: IlRM902,IRM903,Gasoline for 20h in each,Variation of OD≤15%,No cracks;
Halogen-free: PH>4.3,Conductivity<10 u S/mm;
Anti-tear Performance: >20N/mm;
Minimum bending radius: 5D(OD≤20mm),6D(OD >20mm);
Environmental Requirements: RoHS & REACH;
HV aluminum core cable for electric vehicles
Construction and Details of EV Shielded High Voltage Aluminum Core Cable

◆ Aluminum Alloy Wire Cores

Aluminum is a relatively cheap material. It is also lighter in weight than copper.
The core material of aluminum core cable is not pure aluminum, but a special alloy of aluminum that can withstand high voltage. The good performance of the cable lies in cost reduction, weight reduction, and excellent flexibility. This can be helpful in the efforts of EV manufacturers looking to reduce the weight of HV wiring harness. The lower weight also makes the cable easier to install.

◆ XLPO/XLPE-Insulated

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)/Cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO) is with excellent heat resistance.
The main function of XLPO/XLPE insulation layer is to reduce the power loss caused by high-frequency electrostatic induction and provide a good electrical insulation performance. It also has the functions of reducing the dielectric strength and preventing leakage currents.

◆ Coated with Two Shielding Layers

The aluminum conductor is coated with two layers of protective film: tinned copper braided shielding layers, and aluminum foil shield tape. The braided shield provides electrostatic shielding and blocks electromagnetic interference (EMI). It has high mechanical strength, good flexibility, excellent heat resistance and cold bending performance. The aluminum foil taping can also shield the electromagnetic wave generated by high voltage operation of electric vehicles.

◆ XLPE/XLPO Sheath

The outer jacket is typically XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene), which provides excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and weathering characteristics while providing good mechanical protection against physical damage such as crushing or kinking. The jacket may be either smooth or corrugated depending on the application requirement.
The overall cable construction is designed to provide superior mechanical properties while providing flexibility and ease of handling during installation.
Brand Shenzhen Guchen Electronic
Item Shielded XLPE/XLPO Aluminum Core HV Power Cable for EVs
 Core   Single Core
Conductor Aluminum Alloy Conductor
Taping Polyester tape/aluminum foil
Braid Tinned-plated copper mesh
Insulation Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)/XLPO Insulated
Temperature (°C) - flexing -40°C~125℃/150℃
Rated Voltage AC/DC:600/900v,1000/1500V ;
Color Orange
Standard ISO6722, ISO19642, LV216;
MOQ 400M/Roll
aluminum high voltage shielded cable for ev
tinned copper wire shield layer
Tinned Copper Wire Shielding Layer
aluminum core hv cable construction
Aluminum Core HV Cable Construction
Technical Parameters
Cable specifications
Conductor resistance max
 (bare copper)
(mΩ/m at.20°C)
Ref. (A) Ref. (mm) Rated voltage
Rated temperature Color
2.5 12.70 23 6.0 600V/900V  1000V/1500V -40℃~ 125℃/150℃ orange
4 7.85 32 6.8
6 5.23 48 8.0
10 3.03 60 9.5
16 1.93 90 11.2
25 1.240 100 13.5
35 0.878 123 14.5
50 0.613 150 17.5
70 0.432 210 19.5
95 0.327 238 21.8
120 0.255 300 24.5
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