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22kw type 2 ev charging cable
22kw charging cable
22kw type 2 fast charging cable
22kw type 2 ev charging cable
22kw charging cable
22kw type 2 fast charging cable

22Kw 32A 3 Phase Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable

Mating cycles : >10,000 times
Guchen 22KW type 2 EV charging cable, it is the best choice for electric vehicle users. It has the advantages of high quality and low price. It's one of the most popular AC charging cables on the market today because it's reliable, durable and affordable. This cable comes with a 1 year warranty at no additional cost! The Type 2 EV charging cable is by far the most popular option for home owners or businesses who want AC fast charging capabilities for their vehicles.

Temp Range :
Rated current :
Operation voltage :
Protection Degree :
IP44 (plugged in)
GC-EVCC-22 Type 2 EV Charger Cable Details
GC-EVCC-22 is a 22KW AC three-phase charging cable for electric vehicles that supports an operating voltage of 480V. The temperature range of the application environment is -30℃~50℃. It is a detachable cable assembly, connecting EV with EVSE.
The cable is CE compliant and has a type 2 female connector on one end (EV end) and a type 2 (IEC62196 / Mennekes) male connector on the other end (EVSE end). Its length can be customized. This charging cable can be used in both public and residential installations where a 480V outlet is available.
It can be used for AC fast charging and data transmission.
Features of 22KW Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cables
◆ Long-lasting and reliable
The cable uses TPE material which makes it easy to bend and shape during installation. It has high ability to withstand different environments. Moreover, this kind of structure can reduce the resistance of the cable and ensure that it is safety and reliable.

◆ Flexible and High Strength
Guchen 22KW charging cable has excellent flexibility, high strength and long lifespan. The AC fast charging cable adopts high quality materials, good insulation performance and reliable structure design to ensure stable charging performance. In addition, it has high temperature resistance, and excellent flexibility so as to reduce power loss caused by flexing during long-distance charging.

◆ AC Fast Charging, a New Generation Fast Charging Technology
This type 2 to Type 2 charging cable is built with 22KW fast charge technology, allowing you to charge your EV quickly at home or office. With the latest AC fast charging technology, it can be used with the existing fast charging stations, or can also be used with other fast charging stations that have been upgraded to support type 2 EV cables.

◆ OEM & ODM Service
Guchen AC Charging cable is available in various lengths and can be supplied with a variety of connectors depending on required application. If you want to develop your own brand charger cable, we will provide a complete OEM service for you. You can send us your requirements and samples for evaluation before ordering large quantities at factory price!

Application scope:
In order to meet the needs of the AC fast charging of electric vehicles, Guchen has developed 22KW fast charging cable. Guchen type 2 EV charging cable is suitable for electric cars, including Audi A3, Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes A class, Renault Captur e-tech Hybrid, Tesla Model 3/X/S/Y, Volkswagen e-Golf, and other vehicles equipped with a type 2 connector.
--Car Checker PDF
The 22kw 32A type 2 to type 2 charging cable is the right choice for large-scale commercial and public charging stations as well as home charging applications.
Technical Specification of 3.6 KW EVSE Cable
Model GC-EVCC-22
Power 22KW
Type Mode 3 charging cable from type 2 to type 2
Mating cycles no-load  plug in/out >10,000 times
Coupled insertion force 45N<F<100N
Impact of internal force afford 1m drop and 2T vehicle run over pressure
Rated current 32A
Operation voltage 480V
Insulation resistance >1000MΩ (DC500V)
Terminal temperature rise <50K
Withstand voltage 2000V
Contact resistance 0.5mΩ max
Operating temperature -30℃~50℃
Protection Degree IP54 (Protective cap); IP44 (plugged in)
Shell Thermoplastic, flame retardant grade UL94 V-0
Terminal Copper alloy, silver plated 
Model Plug Standard Current Phase Power Cable Specifications
GC-EVCC-3.6 Type2 To Type2 16A 1 Phase 3.6KW 3x2.5mm²+2x0.5mm²
GC-EVCC-11 Type2 To Type2 16A 3 Phase 11KW 5x2.5mm²+2x0.5mm²
GC-EVCC-7.2 Type2 To Type2 32A 1 Phase 7.2KW 3x6mm²+2x0.5mm²
GC-EVCC-22 Type2 To Type2 32A 3 Phase 22KW 5x6mm²+2x0.5mm²
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