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Shielded XLPE HV multi-core cable
Shielded XLPE HV multi-core cable

Shielded High Voltage XLPE/XLPO Multi-Core Copper Cable

Guchen shielded multi-core HV cable is made of high purity copper conductor. XLPE or XLPO insulation and sheath in the middle layer, which has good mechanical strength, thermal resistance, electrical performance, not easy to be broken or damage. It can be used for transmitting high voltage in automotive industry.
Rated Temp.:
Rated Voltage:
Brief Introduction on Guchen Shielded Multi-Core HV Cable
High voltage cables are used in pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles that require high voltage. The cables are made from oxygen-free copper or aluminum with a protective layer of XLPE/XLPO. The protective layer is necessary because it prevents the cable from being damaged during installation and use.

HV cables are an essential part of any electric vehicles. Guchen shielded multi-core copper cables carry electricity at a high voltage level (AC 600V/ DC 900V). Insulated by XLPE/XLPO, it provides protection against high temperatures and mechanical damage. Guchen shielded high voltage cables are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, including rain and snow, as well as the effects of ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors.

Shielded high voltage multi-core copper cable is highly flexible and easy to install. It is suitable for various types of high voltage vehicles.
shielded high voltage copper core cable
Product Specifications:
◆ Voltage rating: AC 600V/DC 900V

◆ Insulation material: XLPE or XLPO (XLPE has better heat resistance performance)

◆ Conductor material: Bare Copper/Tinned Copper

◆ Type of shielding: polyester tape or aluminum foil

◆ Outer sheath material: XLPE or XLPO or other materials as required by customers

◆ Fire performance: Flames extinguished at 70s,Keep unburned at least 50mm;

◆ Min. bending radius: 5D(OD≤20mm); 6D(OD >20mm)

◆ Short-term aging: 240h, Comply with QC/T 1037;

◆ Long-term aging: 3000h, Comply with QC/T 1037;
3×4mm² shielded XLPE high voltage copper cable
1000V AC / 1500V DC
1000V AC / 1500V DC
3 Core 4 mm2 XLPE HV Copper Cable
3 Core 4 mm2 XLPE HV Copper Cable
HV cable with low smoke zero halogen wire insulation material
Low smoke zero halogen wire insulation material
Wooden Spool Packaging of muiti-core HV cable
Wooden Spool Packaging
Technical Parameters
Cable specifications
Number of cable cores Maximum conductor resistance
(mΩ/m at.20°C)
Ref. (A) Ref. (mm) Rated voltage (AC/DC) Rated
1.5 2 12.7 13 8.2 600V/900V -40℃~ 125℃ orange
3 11 8.8
4 10 9.5
5 9 10.0
2.5 2 7.6 18 9.6
3 16 10.2
4 14 10.8
5 13 11.8
4 2 4.71 26 11.0
3 22 12.0
4 20 13.0
5 18 14.2
6 2 3.14 33 12.0
3 29 13.8
4 26 14.8
5 23 16.0
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