lithium-ion battery thermal runaway
Thermal Runaway Risk Prevention of Electric Commercial Vehicle
Electric commercial vehicle lithium ion battery fire safety measure: The nitrogen fire protection system pioneered by Guchen Team can effectively prevent thermal runaway and thermal runaway propagation in lithium batteries for electric commercial vehicles. It is regarded as the best battery fire safety measure at present.
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Irradiation Process in the Production of HV Cross-linked Polyethylene Cables, Principles & Advantages
The purpose of irradiation process is to improve the mechanical properties of the cross-linked polyethylene cable and to make them more resistant to mechanical damage.
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EV battery pack fire protection device
What is the Most Advanced Fire Protection Technology for Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Battery Packs?
This method of lithium ion battery fire protection technology has been successfully demonstrated at several thousands electric vehicles around the world, including those in Yutong electric buses, mining trucks and sightseeing buses. This system will actively inject nitrogen into the battery pack in order to prevent any potential fires from thermal runaway that may occur from overcharging or short circuiting.
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ultrasonic metal welding technology
The Application of Ultrasonic Welding Technology in Electric Vehicle Industry
Ultrasonic metal welding technology has proven to be the premier metal joining process that meets the quality requirements of high repeatability, high reliability and high production efficiency required at industrial scale.
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CHAdeMO DC charging connector
What is CHAdeMO EV Charging Connector?
CHAdeMO is a quick-charging method for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), developed by the CHAdeMO Association. It is an abbreviation of " charge de Move", literally "charge for moving". The standard was created in 2010 by three Japanese automakers, Tokyo Electric Power Company
(TEPC), Mitsubishi Motors, and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
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EV technology trends
The Future Development Trends of Global EV Technology
With the development of electric vehicles, battery technology has also been constantly improved. The energy density of the battery is increasing, and the life and safety of the battery have also been improved greatly. In addition, superfast charging technology has been developed in recent years, which increases the charging speed of EVs. More and more innovative cable connections and wire harness solutions are emerging in this field.
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