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Li-ion battery nitrogen gas fire protection system
EV battery fire protection system
1st generation nitrogen fire protection system
Li-ion battery nitrogen gas fire protection system
EV battery fire protection system
1st generation nitrogen fire protection system

Nitrogen Fire Protection Device for Preventing EV Li-ion Battery Thermal Runaway

The nitrogen fire protection system works by detecting and controlling small fires before they have a chance to spread, preventing thermal runaway in its early stages. Nitrogen protection is applied to the safety protection of lithium-ion batteries to prevent self-ignited fires and fire development, thus improve the safety performance of EV Li-ion batteries during driving, charging operation or simple parking. The device is also widely used in energy storage system and lithium-ion battery based UPS applications.
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Custom Nitrogen Fire Protection System to Prevent Thermal Runaway and its Propagation in Lithium-ion Battery
In order to prevent lithium-ion battery fires from occurring, and effectively control thermal runaway, Guchen Electronics has developed an exclusive and proactive solution in electric vehicle battery safety protection. The unique solution is called “Nitrogen Fire Protection Device”.
The battery protection system can prevent thermal runaway of lithium batteries before it even happens. The novel nitrogen protection system has been designed as an integrated solution for all types of lithium batteries. This system consists of two major components:
1) Nitrogen Generation System – When the pressure sensor detects that the gas tank pressure is lower than a certain pressure value during 24-hour pressure monitoring, the nitrogen generation module starts to work, to generate N2 gas from compressed air compressed by vehicle air compressor.
2) Control module – contains master controller and slave controller. The main controller exchanges data with the vehicle BMS and is electrically connected to the battery box. It is used to detect the nitrogen pressure threshold input to the battery box and limit the fire conditions in the battery box in real time.
nitrogen protection system for preventing EV battery thermal runaway
Features and Benefits of The Latest Generation Nitrogen Fire Protection Device

◆ Easier and affordable installation, require very little maintenance

Nitrogen fire protection systems can be installed quickly and easily, making them ideal for all EV manufacturers.
nitrogen fire protection device for electric buses

◆ Data interaction with vehicle BMS

Battery Management System (BMS) – Monitors the state of charge (SoC), voltage and temperature of individual cells within each battery pack, detecting fire and providing information on the current state of battery cells, while also giving early warning of any potential problems that may occur during driving, charging or parking.

◆ Stop the cascading effect of thermal runaway

Thermal runaway occurs when a battery becomes overheated and self-ignited heat, which in turn causes it to overheat even more. This can lead to a catastrophic event known as thermal run away, which can result in an explosion or fire.
The latest generation of nitrogen fire protection device is designed to prevent thermal runaway by releasing a controlled amount of nitrogen gas into the battery enclosure, creating a fire-retardant atmosphere. The gas displaces oxygen from the enclosure and decreases the oxygen level available to sustain combustion, thus preventing thermal runaway.
nitrogen gas protect ev battery from thermal runaway

◆ It is not a fire suppression system

If the battery box catches fire due to external factors, the nitrogen stored in the gas tank provides protection, isolates oxygen in the air, prevents the fire from further expanding, prevents thermal runaway chain reactions and fire explosions, rather than extinguishing the fire.

◆ Modular design, customers can choose according to specific needs

◆ IP68 & 360H anti-corrosion


◆ 24H real-time monitoring, optional cloud platform service

Monitoring and displaying the battery status on real time basis

◆ Provide a full range of customized solutions

We can modify the communication protocol according to customer needs, to achieve customized display solutions;

◆ Preventing condensation of battery packs in coastal areas with high humidity and certain places with wide difference between day and night temperatures.


Main Parts of Guchen Nitrogen Fire Protection Device

Name Configuration
Nitrogen encapsulated module Core part, 1 set one vehicle
Master controller Control function, 1 set one vehicle
Slave controller Control function, when the number of battery packs is greater than 10 units, it will be equipped with 1 set one vehicle.
Battery pack pressure sensor Monitoring the nitrogen pressure of battery pack, 1 piece one battery pack
Battery pack air inlet 1 piece one battery pack
Vehicle solenoid valve Battery pack air inlet switch, 1 piece one battery pack
Air inlet elbow--8mm air pipe Be Matched with the air inlet, 1 piece one battery pack
Compressed air filter Used to filter air, 1 set one vehicle

Guchen nitrogen protection system is the only safety system currently proven to hamper the development of heat, and protect against thermal runaway in a lithium-ion battery pack. It is a perfect and techno-edge solution for actively internal fire prevention, and has been widely applied in highway buses, tourist coaches, city buses, commuter buses, autonomous driving bus, mining trucks and renewable energy storage market. We can confidently say that the nitrogen fire protection system can effectively stop unmanaged flames from causing an uncontrolled chain reaction to surrounding battery modules/cells.
EV battery pack fire protection system
The Development of Guchen Nitrogen Fire Protection System
From design simulation to actual vehicle trial production and verification, the development cycle of the power battery nitrogen protection system takes more than two years. After many rounds of improvement, it has completed the design and selection of 16 types of parts, matching and integration of 3 subsystems, optimization of 4 working mode strategies, and experienced extreme environmental (high-temperature, high-altitude) road tests, and carried out 3 rounds of trial production optimization. It passed 1,095 test verifications and finally successfully completed a stable trial operation of 150,000 kilometers.
Development of Guchen Nitrogen Fire Protection System
Applications of Guchen Nitrogen Protection System

◆ Battery energy storage systems (BESS)

  --grid-scale energy storage system (ESS)
  --wind farm/wind power storage plants
  --solar generation facilities
  --stationary lithium-Ion battery storage facility

◆ Electric vehicle (EV) industry

  --battery electric vehicles (BEV)
  --plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)
  --electric passenger vehicles
  --commercial electric vehicles
  --electric construction equipment
  --electric agricultural machinery
  --transportation facilities / metro stations

◆ Lithium-ion battery based UPS systems

  --data storage and computers
  --medical facilities
  --emergency equipment
  --secure communication centers
  --banks, financial tech companies, and other financial institutions
  --life supporting systems
  --industrial processing
  --telecommunication facilities
nitrogen fire protection device for renewable energy storage system nitrogen protection device for electric vehicle battery fire protection nitrogen protection system for UPS application lithium-ion battery

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