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CCS2 charging plug
CCS2 charging plug

CCS2 DC EV Charging Plug/Gun

The CCS2 DC EV charging plug is a next-generation fast charging solution that meets the IEC 62196-2 international standard for DC charging. This advanced plug enables your electric vehicle to charge at much higher power levels, up to 300A, allowing for rapid recharging.
Ambient temperature :
Max Current :
Rated Voltage :
Sealing Class :
IP44 IP24
Introduction of CCS2 EV DC Charging Gun/Plug
The CCS2 DC charging plug itself is constructed from durable yet lightweight materials and has an ergonomic shape for easy handling and insertion into the CCS2 charging inlet. It feature robust housings and high-quality contacts to withstand daily use at charging stations.
CCS2 DC fast charging gun/plug drawing
Main Features of CCS2 Plug

◆ High Current Ratings

The CCS2 plug features a rated current of either 80A, 125A, 150A, 200A, 250A or 300A to suit different vehicle charging needs. For those looking to adopt the CCS Combo 2 fast charging technology, it provides an advanced, standardized solution to meet the demands of electric vehicle charging today and into the future. This premium-quality CCS2 plug delivers high-power charging in a reliable, safe, and convenient package.

◆ Flexible Cable Lengths

The flexible power levels and cable lengths, which can be customized based on customers’ specific charging requirements - whether you need a longer cable for charging parking spots located further away or shorter cables for compact installations. This flexibility allows the plugs to be tailored to any EV charging setup.

◆ Robust Design and Rigorous Safety Testing

Crafted with precision and adhering to the highest quality standards (meets IEC 62196.3-2022 and RoHS2.0 requirements), this CCS2 charging plug offers a seamless connection between the charging infrastructure and electric vehicle. Its robust design ensures durability, while its advanced safety features provide peace of mind during the charging process.

◆ PT1000 Temperature Monitoring

The CCS2 plug includes an integrated two PT1000 temperature sensors (IEC60751, installed at the DC+/DC- terminals respectively) which allows for real-time monitoring of temperature during charging.
The technical parameters of PT1000:
S/N Description  Parameters
1 Rated current ≤0.3mA
2 Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ (100V DC)
3 Withstand voltage (between DC terminals)  3000V AC (60s)
4 Flammability rating  UL94 V-0
5 Temperature range -50℃~+130℃
6 Temperature Coefficient (TCR)  3850ppm/K
7 Shutdown temperature 90℃

The PT1000 provides accurate temperature measurement. Continuous temperature monitoring enables the charging system to adjust power delivery to prevent overheating. This protects the plug and inlet from damage due to excessive heat buildup during extended DC fast charging sessions.
Temperature control method: When the temperature is close to 90℃, it is recommended to reduce the charging current; When the temperature reaches 90℃, stop charging.
IEC62196 stipulates that the operating temperature of charging products is -30℃~+40℃, and the temperature rise of the power terminal during charging shall not exceed 50K. To prevent the internal components and cables of charging products from aging at high temperatures, the charger should stop charging when the temperature reaches 90°C.

◆ UL94 V-0 Flame Retardant Rating

◆ Additional Service

Guchen Electronics team can also help global customers select the right portable type 2 EV charger. We're always happy to provide advice on how to maximize your EV's charging capabilities and get the most out of your electrified driving experience. Contact us today to learn more about our EV charging solutions.
Parameters of CCS2 EV Charging Plug
Electrical Performance Rated voltage DC+/DC-: 1000V DC;
Withstand voltage 3000V AC at room temperature (DC+ DC- PE); 500VAC at room temperature (PP CP)
Rated current DC+/DC-: 80A,125A,150A,200A,250A,300A
PP/CP: 2A max.
Insulation resistance ≥ 100mΩ 1000V DC (DC + / DC- / PE)
Mechanical Properties Mating &unmating Force <100N
Mating cycles 10,000 times
Temperature rise <50K
Raw Material Shell PC
Insulation part PA
Contact part Copper alloy
Sealing Silicone Rubber
Environmental Performance Ambient temperature -40℃~+50℃
Protection Grade IP44(mated)   IP24(unmated)
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