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high voltage aluminum cable
non-shielded high voltage xlpe aluminum cable
high voltage aluminum cable
non-shielded high voltage xlpe aluminum cable

Unshielded High Voltage XLPE/XLPO Aluminum Cable

The single-core unshielded aluminum conductor cables are produced by using the advanced production equipment, so the quality of the HV cable is stable and reliable. The materials we use are high quality aluminum conductor, XLPE/XLPO insulation sheath.
Rated Temp.:
Rated Voltage :
Aluminum alloy
Introduction on Unshielded High Voltage Aluminum Cable
The unshielded HV aluminum cables have passed the UL certification, CUL certification and CE certification. You can order us any quantity of sample or trial order with low MOQ. We also offer OEM service. The cables are shipped in accordance with international standards, which can be used for various types of power transmission and distribution lines of 1500VDC.
Rated Temperature -40℃~125℃/150℃
Rated Voltage AC/DC:600/900v,1000/1500V
Short-term Aging 240h,Comply with QC/T 1037
Long-term Aging 3000h,Comply with QC/T 1037
Flame Test Flames extinguished at 70s,Keep unburned at least 50mm
Withstand voltage 1.0kV/30min. Rise to 5.0kV/5min. ( 600/900v ) , 1.OkV/30min. Rise to 5.0kV/5min. Continue Rise to 8.0kV ( 1000/1500V )
Oil Resistance IRM902,IRM903,Gasoline for 20h in each,Variation of OD≤15%,No cracks
Halogen-free PH>4.3,Conductivity<10 u S/mm
Anti-tear Performance >20N/mm
Minimum bending radius 5D(OD≤20mm),6D(OD >20mm)
Environmental Requirements RoHS & REACH
Reference standard ISO6722, ISO19642, LV216
unshielded HV aluminum cables
The Main Features of Guchen Electronic Unshielded HV Aluminum Cable
1) High current carrying capacity with flexible structure design;
The unshielded HV cable is currently used in power transmission in electric and hybrid vehicles with voltage levels up to 1500VDC.
2) Small bending radius which can reduce installation costs;
The high voltage power cables have a good mechanical performance, which can withstand bending and torsion without damage.
3) Low flammability;
The HV aluminum cable has good flame retardancy, oil resistance, and weather resistance.
4) Good flexibility;
5) Low thermal expansion coefficient;

About Guchen Electronic:
We are a professional supplier of XLPE insulated high voltage aluminum cables with high quality and competitive price. We have exported shielded and unshielded HV cable for over 10 years. The high voltage cables assembly for electrical vehicle are mainly exported to Europe, America and Asia markets with improved current-carrying capacity, favorable price, and high flexibility.
Technical Parameters
Cable specifications
Conductor resistance max
 (bare copper)
(mΩ/m at.20°C)
Ref. (A) Ref. (mm) Rated voltage
Rated temperature Color
2.5 12.70 23 3.70 600V/900V  1000V/1500V -40℃~ 125℃/150℃ orange
4 7.85 32 4.50
6 5.23 48 5.00
10 3.03 60 6.50
16 1.93 90 8.30
25 1.240 100 10.20
35 0.878 123 11.50
50 0.613 150 13.50
70 0.432 210 15.50
95 0.327 238 17.50
120 0.255 300 19.50
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