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Unshielded high voltage cable
Unshielded high voltage copper cable
Unshielded high voltage cable
Unshielded high voltage copper cable

Unshielded High Voltage Silicone Rubber Copper Cable

All our cables are manufactured using the best materials and processes available. The silicone rubber insulation is made from an advanced formula that makes it extremely resistant to aging and weathering. It also has excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and a high degree of flexibility, making it suitable for use in both hybrid and pure electric vehicles.
Rated Temp.:
Silicone Rubber
Rated Voltage :
Bare copper/tinned copper
Introduction on Guchen Unshielded Silicone Rubber Copper Conductor Cable
Unshielded high voltage silicone rubber cable is used in hybrid and pure electric vehicles as the main power cable for the battery and control units. The cable can be used at temperatures up to +200°C, which allows you to use it in electrical systems that require higher current and higher voltages.
The cable consists of a silicone rubber sheath with an inner conductor made from bare copper or tinned copper. The copper conductor of 120mm2 cable has a specific resistance of 0.153 mQ/m at 20°C temperature.
Guchen HV cables have been tested as part of a powertrain system in real electric vehicles over 600,000 km. The data gathered has been used to improve the design of our HV cables and make them even more reliable.
The unshielded silicone rubber copper conductor cables are with a diameter of 2.5mm2 to 120mm2 depending on the EV application. This means that they are very flexible and easy to route around complex components inside the vehicle such as inverters, motors and batteries. The flexibility also makes it easier to install our HV cables in both electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles where there is limited access between panels or where there are tight spaces between components such as DC-DC or MCU where existing cabling would be difficult to route through.
Unshielded high voltage silicone rubber cable
Features of High Voltage Silicone Rubber Unshielded Copper Cable
Our electric vehicle HV cables are available in different sizes, wire diameters and constructions. The main features of unshielded silicone rubber cable are:

Rated Voltage: AC/DC:600/900v,1000/1500V ;

Short-term Aging: 240h,Comply with QC/T 1037;

Long-term Aging: 3000h,Comply with QC/T 1037;

Withstand Voltage: 1.0kV/30min. Rise to 5.0kV/5min. ( 600/900v) 1.0kV/30min. Rise to 5.0kV/5min. Continue Rise to 8.0kV(1000/1500v) ;

High anti-tear performance >15N/mm

Temperature class +200°C, -40°C to +175°C

Oil Resistance: IRM902, IRM903, Gasoline for 20h ineach, Variation of OD≤15%, No cracks;

Minimum bending radius: 5D(OD≤20mm),6D(OD >20mm);

Environmental Requirements: RoHS & REACH;

Silicone rubber insulation with flame retardant properties: flames extinguished at 70s, keep unburned at least 50mm;

Reference Standard: ISO6722, QC/T 1037, ISO19642, LV216, DEKRA-179;
Electric Vehicle Unshielded HV Cable
Unshielded Cable with Different Sizes
HV Power Cable for EVs
HV Power Cable for EVs
Unshielded cable with Different Wire Diameters
Different Wire Diameters
HV Cable with Iron Spool Packaging
Iron Spool Packaging
HV Cable for Sale
HV Cable for Sale
Technical Parameters
Cable specifications
Conductor resistance max
 (bare copper)
(mΩ/m at.20°C)
Ref. (A) Ref. (mm) Rated voltage
Rated temperature Color
2.5 7.60 30 3.70 600V/900V  1000V/1500V -40℃~ 175℃/200℃ orange
4 4.71 40 4.50
6 3.14 52 5.00
10 1.82 75 6.50
16 1.16 100 8.30
25 0.743 125 10.20
35 0.527 165 11.50
50 0.368 215 13.50
70 0.259 260 15.50
95 0.196 320 17.50
120 0.153 370 19.50
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