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1-hole 350A pass-through metal connector
1-hole 350A pass-through metal connector

FPT112 1-Hole 350A Pass-through Metal Connector for 120mm² Shielded Cables

FPT112 connector is designed to be used with 120mm² shielded cables rated up to 350A. It is made of high quality metal and can be used in electric vehicle motor applications. Guchen FPT series connectors are available in various sizes: FPT108 for 35/50/70mm² wires, FPT110 for 70/95mm² cable, and FPT112 for 120sqmm cables.
Temp Range :
-40℃~ +125℃
Max Current :
Rated Voltage :
Sealing Class :
IP68, IP6K9K
FPT112 350A High Voltage Pass-through Metal Connector Details:
Guchen FPT112 connector is a quick and easy solution for terminating 120mm² shielded cables. The connector is made of durable zinc alloy and it is designed to hold the cable firmly in place. They offer great resistance to both heat (UL94 V-0 standard) and water (IP68, IP6K9K), making them ideal for use in harsh environments where they will be exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture.
The HV shielded cable can be installed through the cable pass-through hole and secured by tightening a screw on each side of the connector. The cable pass-through hole has a maximum diameter of 30.3mm and has an inside diameter of 10mm, which allows for a maximum shield diameter of 23.5mm.
350A High Voltage Pass-through Metal Connector
Features of 350A EV HV Pass-through Metal Connector:

1) High quality metal material for corrosion resistance and durability

The 350A connector is made of high quality metal material and provides high corrosion resistance and durability for long time use. Pass-through design for easy cable routing and installation, guarantees a secure connection between the cable and the terminal nut, while preventing any corrosion or oxidation issues.

2) One hole design

This connector features a one hole design, rounded head with M6 screw holes on both sides. It can be installed on any flat surface or panel with M6 screws.

3) Excellent for terminating 120mm² shielded cables

The EV metal connector is an excellent solution for 120mm² shielded cables and wires with 350A large current carrying capacity. It is available in several different sizes including 35-, 50-, 70-, 95- and 120mm² cross sections so that you can find the perfect one for your application needs.

4) Better EMI suppression and cable protection

Guchen FPT112 high voltage pass-through connector is a unique, patented design that offers 360 degree shielding and better EMI suppression than existing connectors. The connector is easy to use and has a low profile which allows it to fit in tight spaces. It can be used with electric vehicle electrical systems that operate at high voltages and currents, ideal for the connection of power cables to electrical equipment.
Technical Specifications
Description Item No. GC-FPT112
Electrical Performance Rated voltage 1000V DC
Rated current 350A
Shielding 360° shielding
Mechanical Properties Hole No. One hole
Cross section 120mm²
Fire-proof level UL94 V-0
Raw Material Shell Zinc alloy
Tail cover Plastic
Sealing Rubber material
Environmental Performance Operating temperature -40℃~125℃
IP Grade IP68, IP6K9K
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