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Why are Electric Vehicle High Voltage Cables Orange?

Release date : Mar 28, 2023
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Electric vehicle high voltage cables are orange because they contain a very high voltage. They are also called high tension cables, and they can have a maximum voltage of around 1200V.
The color orange is used to warn people that they are carrying high voltages so that they can take steps to avoid them and reduce the risk of injury or death.
High voltage cables are capable of carrying large amounts of power and they can be dangerous if they come into contact with people or animals. Orange is a highly visible color and, when combined with the other safety features on high voltage cables, helps to ensure that people do not come into contact with them accidentally.
orange high voltage cable for electric vehicle
When you look at a high-voltage cable, you are looking at a series of wires bundled together inside a protective sheath. These wires conduct electricity from one point to another. Each wire is made up of a number of smaller wires wound around each other in a helix pattern. These smaller wires are called strands, and they are covered with an insulating material called insulation. The insulation prevents electrical current from escaping into the air or other materials through which it passes.
High voltage cables should never be touched or approached if any part of the cable is exposed. If there is any chance that you might touch one, then you should wear rubber gloves, thick leather gloves or thick rubber sleeves on your hands when working near them.

The color of high voltage cables has been standardized for many years now, and it's important that all manufacturers stick to this standard so that everyone knows what they are dealing with when they see an orange cable in their workplace or elsewhere.
the color for high voltage cable
Orange is a color that has been adopted by the National Electrical Code (NEC) as the color for high voltage cables.
The NEC is a publication of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and gives guidance on safe practices for various aspects of electrical usage.
High voltage cables are used to carry electricity at voltages greater than 750 volts. The NEC requires that these cables be marked by wrapping them with orange tape or insulating them with an orange insulation sleeve. The purpose of this requirement is to alert those who might come into contact with them so they can avoid being injured by touching them.

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