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What Charging Cable can Charge Your EV much Faster at an AC Charging Station?

Release date : Jul 12, 2023
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electric vehicle ac charging

If you're driving an electric vehicle and need to charge it, you have a few options. You can use a standard AC charger, which will take hours to fully charge your vehicle. Or you can go for faster charging at an DC charging station.
AC stands for alternating current, which is the form of electricity used in homes and businesses worldwide. AC Charging Station is a type of EV charging station. It uses alternating current (AC) to charge the electric vehicle, which is then converted into direct current (DC) by the on-board charger. The AC wallbox is a device used for charging electric vehicles with alternating current (AC). It is made up of a transformer and power supply unit (PSU), which converts household voltage to 240 volts AC or 480 volts three phase. It can charge your electric vehicle up to 22KW AC.
The charging cables at the AC wallbox are a critical piece of the electric vehicle charging puzzle. The EV charging cable needs to be able to deliver enough power to charge your vehicle and not damage it, while also being light weight and durable enough to withstand the elements.
When it comes to charging your EV, it’s important to note that the type of EV charger you use will directly influence the charging speed of your electric vehicle.
22kw type 2 ac charging cable

22kW Type 2 AC Charging Cable

- Type 2 to Type 2 cable
- 32A
- Works on three phase AC charging stations
- Charge up to 3x faster than a standard 1-phase charger.
The 22kW AC charging cable is the latest in mobile charging technology. The heavy-duty cable is compatible with all vehicles with type 2 vehicle inlets including Hyundai Kona, Nissan Leaf 3.zero e+, Mercedes-Benz E-350e, and Tesla Model 3 etc. The advantage of 22kw charging cable is that it can charge an electric vehicle much faster than other charging cables. For example, if you use a 10kw charger to charge your car at home, it will take about 8 hours for your battery to be fully charged. However, if you use a 22kw charger instead, this process will only take about 3-4 hours!
This means that if you have an AC charging station near your home or office and wish to charge up quickly before leaving for work in the morning (or after work), then using a 22kw cable could be the best option for doing so!
-High quality and durable, long lifespan
-Light weight, easy to carry and store, no bulky device
-Can be used at home and in the workplace for emergency charging needs

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